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Wild Game Processing

Brother's Custom Processing is Northwest Colorado's premier wildgame processor. With a combined 50 years of experience processing game, our staff can help to put the finishing touches on your hunt of a lifetime.

Processing Prices
• *Elk.....$350.00
• Deer.....$200.00
• Antelope.....$120.00

Items shipped by FedEx
• Handling Fee.....$75.00
• Heavy Shipping Box.....$6.00 each
• Dry Ice.....$1.89/lb.
• Insulated Freezer Boxes.....$18.00 each

*Processing Fees must be paid in full on animals that are shipped at time of drop off. A credit card or FedEx Account # will be needed for the shipping charges. Shipping fees are the responsibility of the recipient.

Brother's Custom Processing Inc. will not be responsible for any lost or damaged product. FedEx is no longer issuing refunds on any perishable products.
Shipping is very expensive, please adjust accordingly.

Specialty Items
Smoked meats in quantity of less than 50 pounds will be commingled with other wild game meat. Other than smoked or cooked products in small quantity each animal is processed individually.

"Your elk, your burger"

Smoked Products
• Summer Sausage.....$6.00/stick
A timeless local favorite: 1.5 lb. Chubs

• Jalapeno Cheddar Summer Sausage.....$6.00/stick
Our #1 seller mild flavor with a perfect flair

• Smoked Polish Links.....$5.00/lb
Great smoked flavor for the grill

• Jerky (1/4 lb. packages).....$17.00/lb

• Franks.....$5.00/lb
Great European flavor that everyone loves

• Hooker Mountain.....$5.00/lb link only
A Cajun and Cheddar link sausage

Snack Sticks - 1/2 lb. packages
• Pepperoni Sticks.....$13.00/lb
Spicy Flavor, yet not hot

• Teriyaki Sticks.....$13.00/lb
Sweet as candy, our #1 selling snack stick

• Tex-Mex Sticks.....$13.00/lb
Great flavor with lots of heat

Fresh Products
• Breakfast Sausage.....$3.00/lb bulk, $5.00/lb link
A simple mild flavor sausage that's always a hit

• Rebel Sausage.....$3.00/lb bulk
A spiced up breakfast sausage

• Sweet Italian.....$3.00/lb bulk, $5.00/lb link
• Hot Italian.....$3.00/lb bulk, $5.00/lb link
Great in Italian dishes and on the grill

• Bratwurst.....$5.00/lb
#1 dinner sausage

• Hamburger Patties.....$5.00/lb
• Jalapeno Cheddar Patties.....$6.00/lb

We work with all local taxidermists for your convenience. We offer complete capeouts where we freeze the cape to travel to your favorite taxidermist at home.

Trophy Prices
• Save Hide & Freeze.....$35.00
• Cut Horns.....$15.00
• Complete Capeout.....$85.00 (freeze cape and cut horns, ready for interstate travel)
• Save Cape.....$50.00 (not frozen, must be picked up same day)

European Mounts
• Deer.....$175.00
• Antelope.....$175.00
• Elk.....$275.00

We are a USDA inspected facility.

All packaging that is vacuum sealed preserves freshness. It is important to note that the film used to vacuum package will become brittle when frozen. Please handle with care to avoid seal breakage. Longevity of freshness cannot be guaranteed after seal is broken.